List of Spanish-language broadcast television networks Edit

Television channel Year of foundation Owner Type of channel
Puerto Chango 1 1950 STPEC Federal public
Puerto Chango 2 1961 STEPC Federal public
Puerto Chango 3 1970 STPEC Regional public
RTL 1986 RTL Group Commercial
RTL II 1994 RTL Group Commercial
Siete 1965 WOWOW Commercial
PCTVP 1977 Grupo PCTVP Commercial
Oncemax 1958 ProSiebenSat.1 Media Commercial

List of National speciality digital television channels Edit

Television channel Year of foundation Owner Type of channel Format
Puerto Chango 4 2006 STEPC Federal public Sports
Puerto Chango 5 2014 STEPC Federal public General Entertaiment
Puerto Chango 6 2015 STEPC Federal public Film
Puerto Chango 24 1995 STEPC Federal public 24-hour News
Puerto Chango O 2007 STEPC Federal public Cultural
Puerto Chango Classics 1999 STEPC Federal public Classic series
Puerto Chango Telenovelas 1990 STEPC Federal public Telenovelas
Puerto Chango Supervision 1978 STEPC Federal public Satellite channel
Super RTL 1996 RTL Group Commercial Family Entertaiment
Nitro 2013 RTL Group Commercial Action and Adventure
Antenna TV 1995 RTL Group Commercial Classic series
n-tv 1995 RTL Group Commercial 24-hour News
Musicbox 1998 RTL Group Commercial Music
Oncemax PRIME 2008 ProSiebenSat.1 Media Commercial Youth
Oncemax EXTRA 2008 ProSiebenSat.1 Media Commercial General Entertaiment
Oncemax MEGA 2008 ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Grupo Bethia Commercial Satellite channel

List of cable and satellite television channels Edit

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